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    cannabis is the most interressant plant of the world and has huge known and still unknown properties.

    It’s the only plant u can exploit year after yera without waiting every 7 years one year were u plant nothing on a ground.

    its a scandal that the company ” DUPONT DE NEMOUR” applied his power in the 50’s to put it in the drug list to sel his new paper taken from trees

    READING THE BOOK “The emperor wears no clothes” from J.Herrer (RIP) Is the best way to know a huge thing about marijuana

    I crossed an ancient comment I made and, shit, I was still young at that time….. Anyway, I think Dupont De Nemour has made all to get the cannabis out of bizness because of their new discover of NYLON.

    And today, USA loves money, CHANGED THEIR MIND, and now it’s time to : ….. Let’s make Billions with CANNABIS AGAIN !!! `