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Bring ex-addicts on board to tackle drug deaths crisis, say experts

Forums Drugs Drug Addiction & Recovery Bring ex-addicts on board to tackle drug deaths crisis, say experts

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  • Scotland’s drug death crisis in six charts, from the BBC.

    I’ve always suspected that in England the current politicians are hoping our generation simply dies out (one campaigner on Twitter described England as “the Phillipines of Europe”).

    However, the Scots simply cannot afford to have people dropping dead at a high rate due to population decline, there are only around 50 000 new babies born in Scotland every year these days and the rest of the population is ageing..

    Auch wenn du am Abgrund stehst, und gar nichts mehr verstehst,
    wachen Engel über dich, halten dich im Licht und lassen dich nie fallen.

    We’ll see how it shakes out but much of America seems intent on dying from Fent at the moment and we aren’t doing much about it.

    Looking at the chart from Scotland it is the same shit with fake benzos sprinkled in, we’ve got that here but it seems to run in different circles up to a point. The two are a bad combination.

    You’re right GL, Scotland is beyond crisis point and they need to make usage safer, which they desperately want to do but are being blocked by the uncaring idiots in Westminster.

    DB, I’m not sure people are intentionally using fentanyl in the US, more that it’s being cut into heroin. I think if people knew they had fentanyl they’d dose accordingly but this is just a supposition on my part.

    Well if it is a mixture of fentanyl and heroin, how are you supposed to calculate your dose cause you don’t know the ratio and neither dose your dealer. Everyone knows the heroin is cut with fentanyl in many places, I wasn’t saying that people were purposefully picking fentanyl over heroin but rather that fentanyl was the driver of the death rates more so.

    No I meant if users knew they had pure fentanyl they’d dose accordingly. Think you misunderstood me. My comment mirrored yours in that I asserted that the deaths from fentanyl were mostly because it was cut into heroin at random ratios or was possibly just pure fentanyl made to look like heroin. Of course there’s no way for a user to know and that lack of knowledge is what kills them.

    The market for pure fentanyl is pretty small in comparison and anyone sourcing it is probably really careful with the dosing. We’re in agreement that mixing is the problem, the margin for error with fentanyl is pretty slim compared to heroin which itself is potent.

    We had fentanyl in coke around here a few years back, like 4 people died and they were able to trace it back to one seller and he got a ton of charges; how that adulteration happened I’ll never know.

    Some dealers are just scum and some of those scum are recklessly ignorant. There is no conceivable reason to cut cocaine with a far more dangerous compound that is about as far removed from cocaine in effect as you can get. The cunt that did that deserves a long time in prison.

    Thats the thing, I know he caught the charges but he was from out of town so I don’t know if he knew or not or if he cut them himself.

    Some people were doing this in the Dam and selling it to tourists there was even a warning in the redlight district.

    Don’t kill your customers.

    The difference in the dam instance was that pure heroin was being sold as cocaine, not adulterated heroin being sold as just heroin. The guy in Holland almost certainly knew what he was selling and for some reason sold it to tourists as cocaine. What would possess someone to do such a thing idk, maybe a very desperate need for cash but who knows.

    If heroin addicts were just given heroin people wouldn’t die, they also wouldn’t be broke, stealing, and ostracised from the community to the degree they are. No changes to any laws required, we even give a few hundred users in this country pharmaceutical grade heroin. I remember reading an article about a doctor in Liverpool who ran a clinic and in the early 80’s he could prescribe them heroin. In around 4 years he never had one patient die and he had somewhere in the region of 400 patients. He left around the time the government put an end to this and when he returned to the area about 10 years later, about 1/3rd of his original patients were now dead. I may have the numbers wrong but I’ll try find the article.

    Absurd, I feel like America is trying to let this wave of heroin addicts die it out like some weird self eugenics shit. Like yeah you can get free nalaxone but getting into treatment is difficult and quality varies wildly.

    That’s exactly how it feels in this country at the moment but it seems far more pronounced in the US. Not only do no two clinics offer the same treatments, they’re almost entirely non evidence based and almost none seem to be free or readily accessible to the most vulnerable who generally can’t afford basic healthcare never mind something like this.

    I’ve done some academic course work on it and the places that do community based initiatives had the most success during the pill boom but now we’ve switched to heroin and fentanyl analogues sold as heroin and some counter-fit pills that are probably fentanyl but I imagine the solutions that worked in that would work again although the places that implemented them were mostly just random places in Appalachia that had a bright idea and were able to implement it.






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Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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Forums Drugs Drug Addiction & Recovery Bring ex-addicts on board to tackle drug deaths crisis, say experts