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What are Magic Mushrooms or Shrooms?

Forums Drugs Mushrooms & Cacti What are Magic Mushrooms or Shrooms?

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  • :p I have recently got hold of sum mushrooms now I have taken the first lot but I read that if they are starting to turnt blue it is the psycobilia in them oxidising them making them inactive?? is this true!! coz mine are going blue!! n e way I also heard that by putting them in honey u can preserve them without them going mouldy etc has n e one else heard this?? please let me no or a.s.a.p or i’ve got a bunch of pointless magic mushrooms!! the ones I took where exellent though not to harsh just nice and fluffy! n e way p.l.u.r to u all. 🙂

    You’ve probably already ate them all, but in future don’t worry mushrooms turning blue – in fact that indicates, they contain psylocybine or psylocine – which is is obviously a good sign.

    If you have any further questions about mushrooms or any other drugs, use the force and check out the Erowid vaults:

    You’ll find everything there – from scientific reports, through growers guides (and storage) to individual trip-reports.


    I’ve been wondering whether it’s time to make an annual excursion to my usual spots. I’ve seen other field mushrooms out in great quantities both in the Midlands and down in Cornwall over the last week so I was wondering whether anyone has found any liberty caps yet. Dont worry I don’t want to know where you spot is, more whether with all this sodding rain we have had the little blighters are rearing their lovely little heads yet?

    is still too warm down here in cow pat county… although some in random fields around devon after chlly nights about two weeks ago.

    heard of large scale growth in cheltenham and lots of spots further north recently.

    too much rain can be a bad thing, as waterlogged land rots the spores.

    a nice dry september with misty dewy morings would be ideal for the little fellas

    it’s that time, obv

    its certainly feels like it. chilly and damp mornings will get the littluns up. i’m heading up to manchester next week to have a look at my spot.

    i’ve had a few up in Nottinghamshire, ever a couple in my back garden, but my normal spot is still empty ?

    After this warm spell, misty damp september mornings will provide us with a few i’m sure.

    yay, Season. I a happy pixieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    hail the Season, for it is good..

    got to go a huntin soon..

    We had a load come through last week in Huddersfield. I know this as I came home friom work one night last week to find my flatmate and his bird tripping their tits off on them! was well funny!

    good news. the spot i know is in teh general direction of huddersfield. will be heading up there this saturday for a day out picking.

    Would that be out past Holmfirth by any chance (up at Yateholme)?

    That’s the best spot I know of in Huddersfield, although I’ve heard Marsden has some good spots too.

    Live near the airport but moving to headingley. Anyone seen anything in these spots, wheres best to look, i usually find a few on cricket pitches but never come across hundreds?

    they are fucking everywhere.

    theres more out already than all of last year. wet summer innit.

    if anyone wants to come up with a tent and pick, let me know.

    i got about 500 at the weekend. think i’ll pop up again this weekend to get a few more to see me through to christmas at least.

    Went up picking yesterday – spennt last night quite nicely trashed.

    yeh wentie pikinon da weekend, found a nice little spot where we hadnt been before, and piked bout 500, there is definetly an increase in numbers this year, prob the weather int it. any one been pikin on dartmoor yet, i would like to know where yer fav spots are to be. pm me and ill let u in for a few.







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Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 1,546 total)
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Forums Drugs Mushrooms & Cacti What are Magic Mushrooms or Shrooms?