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What are Magic Mushrooms or Shrooms?

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  • in a field, that no one else has found!

    :crazy_diz :laugh_at: funny…..
    i have been looking around but nothing, any help?

    liberty caps found=0
    magic mushroom conspiracies found=1
    love for nature and funghi huntin=1
    edible mushroms that have been sooo good to eat=6
    fields looked at=15-20
    hours spent=5-7
    gonna give up looking= no fucking way

    the thing is with magic mushroom hunting, is that u gotta do it for the love of being outdoors, so ive excepted that im not gonna find any this year, but hey ive spent so much time exploring my area, enjoying the countryside, and having a good old eat on the way. that i would never trade in for 5 or 6 poxy shrooms

    What sort of times are you lot going picking ? Early morning or is it cool to go afternoon etc ?

    just before sunrise is prime time huntin

    yeh i think ive found some never seen them before except in pics is there look alikes that are deadly??
    keep reading different things and its doing my head in

    Any1 know of some good spots in the norfolk area around thetford forest, im going out searching for the first time on saturday and i was wondering if anybody had any good places to start.

    Ive been told that the best shrooms grow under silver birch trees, dunno if its true but i was told by an experienced mushroom head!:bounce_fl

    the ones you find under silver berch are the animati (cant spell it) ones

    me and a few mates went to wales 2 weeks ago we managed to find about 400 quite easily on the 1st day but the next day searched for hours and only found 50

    a mate of a mate found 10 on a cricket pitch in aberystwyth, I know there is loads about in wales but since he’s never done them before, has no car and dosen’t know of any local spots he thinks he will leave them for this year and go picking next year when he has his wheels sorted.

    picked 20 today next to where i parked my car. didn’t have time to look for more

    A friend of mine found a few thousand, I ate a load on Thursday and then again on Friday, they’re awesome!
    I’m going to a party tonight so I’m probably going to buy some more off her.

    found 83 today, getting tricky though theres been a bit of frost round here, found maby about 200 so far all together

    … ive found a few at work but most are trampled and fooked

    mmppf 🙁

    Hello there,

    I’m based in the uk and was wondering whether anyone knew of a reliable website that I could get some shrooms froms. Ideally the Hawaiians bad boys (Copelandia Cyanescens) ?

    Mr Tumness






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Viewing 15 replies - 361 through 375 (of 1,546 total)
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Forums Drugs Mushrooms & Cacti What are Magic Mushrooms or Shrooms?