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  • Ecstasy

    aka E, Pills, XTC, X or Extasy.

    So what is Ecstasy?

    Ebeneezer Goode!

    If you sit down and talk to some of the sad old gits who are still out and about in the dance ‘scene’ you won’t have to wait too long to find one or two harking back to the heady days of the (second) summer of love, Balearic beat, Madchester, whistle possees, M25 parties, Castle Morton and doves…the rush of interest in new music, new vibes, new values and new drugs. Ah, heady days. This was the sound that we’d all been waiting for. Top one, nice one. Ecstasy that was actually pretty much full of MDMA, and a buzz that seemed to go on for years.

    Things move on, as is the nature of things…and somehow ecstasy use has remained popular, gaining popularity with each new generation of party people. For many Europeans, it’s the power of E (or mitsi’s, or whatever’s about right now) that’s been driving ‘dance’ (in its many forms) into the clubs, onto the streets, and into the houses of happy smiling people who just want to be having it. Large.

    Most people who use ecstasy just seem to take it for granted that the pill(s) they’ve bought will contain a variety of chemicals. For the purists, ecstasy should only contain 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine, (MDMA). If it really has to be pressed into a pill then I guess bulking and binding agents are allowed. Most pills contain other drugs too – similar chemicals like MDA or MDEA, amphetamine (speed), ketamine (an anesthetic used in veterinary surgery) or even LSD (acid). Some pills contain no MDMA at all. Some people manage to purchase pills containing no psychoactive ingredients at all. Of course this has nothing to do with ecstasy, and everything to do with the illegal market in which they’re dabbling. It’s all part of the deal.

    …a sunny “hello!”

    Active doses fall in the 80mg – 150mg range. Above this dose the experience becomes very ‘speedy’. In Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved (PiHKAL), Alexander Shulgin provides some wonderful qualitative comments about his experience using 120mg of pure MDMA. He finishes…”I am complete”. Lots of people using e describe feelings of universal connection, closeness, excitation, euphoria and a rush of energy. People feel dis-inhibited, talkative, and keen to talk about personal things in a way that seems deep and significant to them.

    MDMA encourages people to feel closer to the people they are with.

    If you’re using e with a few close friends (or just one special one) in a relatively quiet environment at home the experience will be markedly different to what you can expect to experience in a hot, noisy, crowded club full of people who are also off their faces. Horses for courses, as they say. I’m sure someone, somewhere, still says that.

    The effects usually start within about half an hour. Sometimes an inexperienced user can feel a bit confused or anxious. High doses, or chemicals other than MDMA, can also cause some of these unwanted effects. High doses can initially cause a lack of co-ordination and dizziness. If this happens, it’s a good idea to sit down until the rush passes.

    Ecstasy has both stimulant and hallucinogenic qualities. Some pills cause a distortion of sound and vision. These distortions are caused by pills that contain chemicals with more potent hallucinogenic properties, including drugs like LSD or ketamine.

    The effects usually last for four to six hours, peaking after about two hours. If someone takes a pill that lasts for longer than this then it probably contains amphetamine (speed). They’d feel ‘up’ and have loads of energy, but wouldn’t’t feel the closeness associated with MDMA.

    Taking a 40mg dose about one and a half hours after taking a 120mg dose will extend the effects of the e for about an hour without increasing the physical side effects (eye twitching and teeth clenching) significantly. Bear in mind of course that unless you know the purity and potency of the pills that are available, it will be difficult to estimate dosages.

    Twitching eyes and a world-class gurn?

    What else does it do?

    Ecstasy is a stimulant drug. Some of the physical effects of ecstasy include dilated pupils, dry mouth and throat, increased heart rate and blood pressure, jaw tension, increased sweating and loss of appetite.

    MDMA interferes with the body’s temperature regulating mechanism, so body temperature can increase to potentially damaging levels. It also encourages the body to increase production of a hormone called ADH (anti diuretic hormone) which prevents your body from excreting urine. You don’t pee as much as you would normally.

    A lot of researchers are wondering what the long term effects of ecstasy are. Some research suggests brain damage and liver damage. Other research discounts this. It’s difficult to provide clear information when different pills contain different chemicals. The truth is, no-one knows for sure whether using e is harmful in the long term. Aside from physical health risks, there is also an increasing body of evidence suggesting harm to psychological health for some users.

    Me want stay on planet, have lossa good time, no?

    Let’s just assume, for the sake of argument, that you’ve decided to use e and you’ve managed to find a source of quality MDMA. It’s difficult to talk about the risks of all the chemicals it might be, and MDMA does have a few risks all of its own. Big risks with ecstasy are overheating and dehydrating. Ecstasy is often used at clubs or parties where people are dancing and getting hot and sweaty. Someone using e in this kind of environment needs to drink about a pint of liquid over the course of each hour to replace the fluid they are losing through sweating. You should drink water, fruit juices or ‘sports’ drinks. Avoid alcohol, not only does it also dehydrate, it will bring you down from the e. Eating salty snacks (or drinking those ‘sports’ or ‘isotonic’ drinks) will replace the minerals that are also lost when you sweat.

    Ecstasy prevents people from going to the toilet (to pee) as much as they might do normally. If someone isn’t sweating they don’t need to take as much fluid on board; drinking a lot could actually be very dangerous. Water isn’t an antidote to ecstasy, it’s an antidote to dehydration. If you’re not sweating, you don’t need to replace fluids.

    Drinking too much water can cause the brain to swell, leading to collapse, coma or even death. .

    The after effects of ecstasy use can include insomnia, anxiety, irritability and paranoia. The range and severity of after effects depends on the amount of ecstasy that is being used, and how often it’s used. Sleeping and eating will aid recovery. Essential nutrients, particularly vitamin C and calcium, will need to be replaced. If you take vitamin and mineral supplements before taking ecstasy your body will have time to absorb the nutrients, and recover more quickly. Your body should be able to tolerate up to 3g of Vitamin C in one dose, although obviously if you have any kind of stomach complaint you should seek proper medical advice before taking large doses of citric acid. Don’t forget to rest properly, too.

    If you’ve been taking e every weekend and are starting to find that the days in between are becoming unbearable it’s time to take a break. Some people have developed short term mental disorders like anxiety, depression, low self esteem and paranoia after using e regularly. If this sounds like you, or a friend, then you’ll be pleased to know that these people’s moods generally lift once they stop using for a while. It needn’t be forever. The same applies if you find yourself needing more pills to get the effect you want. Once you’re taking more than two pills in an evening the effects are more like speed. And it’s not a race, you know.

    If you’re going to use e, it’s safer to use small amounts occasionally with a long enough gap between uses to enable your body to recover.

    Taking large does of e, using it regularly or not acting on the risks we do know about is more likely to lead to damage to your health.

    It’s worth bearing in mind that e will have a significantly adverse impact on your ability to identify anything that doesn’t sound like a good idea. It can dramatically affect your ability to make rational decisions. It will severely limit your ability to feel inhibited about very much at all. Be careful what you agree to…I know of at least one poor soul who proposed marriage in a state of ecstatic union, and repented at leisure. Precipitated by a particularly fine evening at the Ministry of Sound, London, UK. If you’re reading this, sweetie, this is your cue to say “bastard!”

    You have the right to party.

    In the UK ecstasy use is illegal. The chemical MDMA is controlled by the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 as a Class A, Schedule 1 drug.

    Other Class A drugs include heroin, LSD and cocaine.

    ectasy makes holes in your brain;)

    i personally would rather get my high on music, not drugs

    then again, its just me

    So ecstasy makes holes in your brain does it? Well you live only once and besides, music on XTC feelsssssssss so much better!

    XTC is the shit but the quality ive had just shot thru the floor about 2000/1, so i stopped. however MDMA kicks all pill’s arses back to the fuckin stone age. If you ever come across the powder or crystals- snap that shit up, it’s smooth, pure beautifull, no comedown (more like mushroom fundown). but yes it fucks your serotonin receptor and makes it harder for you to experience happiness in the long run- so use it sporadically. and stay safe!

    hmm – i think the “dain bramage” or “holes in brain” stuff was actually due 2 disassociatives like ketamine or DXM rather than MDMA.

    Pills can cause minor depression though – 4 most not the nightmare mental illness scenario whipped up by tabloids but remember what goes up must come down. Pills r not a substitute for dealing with problems / reponsibilities / shitty but necessary stuff in your life either… careful u do not get in2 domestic battles with partners / parents / relatives on comedowns as well (this is the sort of shit that gives us a bad name!)

    soemtimes there are blips in quality (usually thanks 2 cops busting a powder shipment so pills r made with less MDMA or dubious substitutes) but a lot of the “not as good as it used 2 be” happens when people do a fair bit 4 weeks – u get tolerance 2 the effects…

    Did n e 1 c the documentary on BBC3 last night (14/08/03)? There was a clinical psych on there saying that “E” was not addictive (and that’s official) but extended and prolonged usage can cause problems in the depression side of things. Basically he said that if you are going to use it don’t cain it every weekend, drink if you dance and sweat don’t drink if you sit around doing nothing. This is where the problems are with those who suffered death because they or those about them where misinformed about the drug and its effects. (Leah Betts is a case in point. Her parents fed her water, because they had heard that “E” cause dehydration, consequently thier misinformation caused her death. Leah, was overhydrated and that causes death just as much as dehydration. The media over sensationalise these things, in cahoots with Babylon to try and control us all.

    My aadvice is the same as that psych, if you are going to do “E” don’t cain it every weekend. Give yourself a break every now and again so you don’t have to keep taking more and more to get the same effect. Drink as much water as you need to replace that which you have lost through sweating, if you don’t sweat then don’t drink. And like a previous post says, if you can afford it, use powder and crystal instead of pills. They are purer and they don’t leave you with that monged out fealing after. Keep safe, and stay happy:D

    It can get messy… allow yourself enough time to recover from each weekend…

    Read up on SSRI’s….

    When you take an E the boost of serotonin is obscene… that’s why, come the middle of the week your ‘comedown’ rears it’s gurning head….

    This shit-happening actually takes a worse turn with women than it does men, as, unfortunately, the production of serotonin in the brain, and the (serotonin) re-uptake is lower in women than in men….

    Read up on SSRI’s… you’ll get some sort of inkling as to what goes on when you do take an e.

    And just as a PS …pop an e, and it can take almost a month before your serotonin level becomes stabilised.

    Although Ecstasy may seem none too harmful despite what some reports have proclaimed recently, from practical experience I believe it has notable side effects, at least in the short term, and that moderation is important. However it seems that the research which supposedly showed Ecstasy leaves holes in your brain has definately been refuted.

    “There are no holes in the brains of ecstasy users,” says Stephen Kish, a neuropathologist at the Center for Addiction and Health in Toronto. “And if anyone wants a straightforward answer to whether ecstasy causes any brain damage, it’s impossible to get one from these papers.” Marc Laruelle, a Columbia University expert on brain scanning probes, agrees: “All the papers have very significant scientific limitations that make me uneasy.”

    For details of more recent / scientific findings read this…

    The truth is no-one really knows what it does.

    I agree, wholeheartedly!

    But, to try and convince, or maybe, not convince but to educate others to the vagaries and covert dangers is better than not at all!

    Rather to know what to do and the shortfalls, than go in eyes wide shut!


    We can all sit here saying do this and do that (which is good) but why has the government left this job to us?

    They KNOW people like to have a good time which involves drugs, millions of us do it so why can no one in power make any step to giving us REAL advice rather than: “Don’t do the killer rave drug”.

    I live in London where there are shit loads of clubs with shit loads of drugs but still THEY don’t want to believe it. Get real.

    Have a good weekend people.

    … a bit pissed…

    Unfortunately, the responsibility does lie with us.

    Yeah, I wish that I could rely on my peers (I’m 40) or even a generation younger than me, to dish out information, and no not the …. ‘drugs are bad for you… you will die’ or ‘you will end up in a life of crime trying to sustain you habit’ type of information.

    The thing with pills or e’s on MDMA is the fact that it has not been recognised officially, therefore, there are no ‘official’ studies or medical surveys in to the effects of useage/over use/constant use……… USE. FULL STOP.

    So, regrettably, yes, responsibility at this time in point, and in previous years, does fall on us……. for the simple fact……. we seem to know more about the effects/side effects/after effects than most!

    And not through choice!!!

    Stay safe x

    Spot on, bela. we shall just have to keep the faith.

    And no mater how shit you may feel from the drugs that may make you feel this way, at least we are talking about it.

    Have a good one.

    Originally posted by mdma

    We can all sit here saying do this and do that (which is good) but why has the government left this job to us?

    They KNOW people like to have a good time which involves drugs, millions of us do it so why can no one in power make any step to giving us REAL advice rather than: “Don’t do the killer rave drug”.

    I live in London where there are shit loads of clubs with shit loads of drugs but still THEY don’t want to believe it. Get real.

    Have a good weekend people.

    … a bit pissed…

    its a bit more complicated than that

    the government in a “democratic” country such as the UK has far less power than many realise – after all they can be voted out every 5 years. in some way this is a good thing but in others it can be a bind

    a lot of ppl in the “govt” (more in local councils and drug action teams) now realise prohibition doesn’t work. The crack/heroin epidemic in cities is now held to be a direct result of the previous governments anti-pill campaigns, which just led people 2 take more dangerous drugs mistakenly thinking “they r safer”! There have been attempts to change the balance – and official drugs info these days is a lot less judgemental than it used to be 10-12 years ago.

    But remember although there are a lot of drug users they are still a comparative minority. And there is still the problem of people from “recreational” scenes such as the rave scene slipping into “dependency” markets – I am aware of people I know on the scene who get on on bad comedowns and start taking heroin, crack and other nasty stuff. This is not to say every1 does this, but just a few people doing this is obviously a bad thing. Especially as these people commit crimes

    there is the also stuff such as people lunching out work on mondays due to a bad comedown (so their coleagues have 2 pick up the work) or making errors at work due to lack of sleep

    the “rest of society” (which doesn’t take drugs) sees all this and doesn’t think we deserve to be allowed to take them. They would rather see us die – and yes, it is as harsh as that.

    and of course this hate creates a “fuck you” attitude from the drug users against society, so more crime happens and families are split apart when parents refuse to accept their kids drug use and their kids refuse to do “normal” stuff such as study / work / helping out around the house as the drugs culture amplifies youth rebellion. Ive seen it go as far as middle class kids in suburban english cities ending up as beggars due to this; its sad really 2 see it happen.

    Also if an EU country tries to do “liberal” stuff with drugs they get the USA complaining to the embassy, and the USA threatens to remove financial investment from that country or launch trade sanctions against this.

    Most of the “killer drug” stories are whipped up by the tabloid media. The govt has very little to do with them!

    Basically (and I can only speak for the UK as I don’t know the situation elsewhere) if tony blair did a miraculous u-turn and legalised all drugs, both the anti-drugs people in Britain and the yanks would try to oust him by whatever means possible. economic, political, even by violence (terrorism). Even though we backed up the USA in the war, the anti-drugs sentiment in the USA is so strong it would override this 🙁

    Any politician who legalised drugs would see the country plunged into civil conflict. none of them would take this risk; So its left 2 us to provide the information and guidance..

    Bring on the cloggies’ approach to drugs where using is tackled as a medical issue rather than a criminal one!

    oh my goodness. i do e. and so does everyone that i hang out with. just be careful, and try to know what is going on around you. funn times people. fun times.






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