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  • This is a thread about people’s experience of using and buying GHB and GBL…

    Where is there a reference to this company on the site and what’s their URL?

    As a consumer you have rights regarding your purchase regardless of what you were buying.

    Did you contact them asking for an explanation or try to return the soap?

    Also think about contacting their local ‘department of fair trading’…

    I tried to buy some GHB from a company offering a 500ml bottle for $125.

    When the package arrived, I received a $125 bottle of SOAP, Thanks!

    Yes I’m educated. I did what I could considering this ripoff but they’re in the Czech Republic.

    I used your search area and typed in GHB.

    Then some site info came up that said that 99.9% of the ingredients in INKBE was GHB. That’s why it was $125- for a 500ml little bottle.

    Great scam these guys have.

    Then you order and you get a stupid little bottle of pink soap. I’m not blaming Partyvbe. You meant well I’m sure.

    I am letting you all beware of

    Then when you email these jerks to complain, thay respond with: “everybody gets exactly what they order from INKBE”, with a little smile.

    What wankers!

    How do you know inkbe is soap? I just received some from them. Maybe and you were too scared to use it?

    Unregistered wrote:
    How do you know inkbe is soap? I just received some from them. Maybe and you were too scared to use it?
    Was it soap? Or was it GBL to be made into GHB?

    Has anyone ever got GBL from that site?

    I lost my money. Never got anything, even soap. Many letter and e-mails and no response. They will only respond to communications before you pay. Definately a scam.

    If are selling anything it is GBL, a precursor chemical to GHB.

    “Street” GHB has been classified (made illegal) just about everywhere in the world nowadays as it has got a very bad reputation due to its use in drug assisted sexual assault.

    To get GHB out of GBL (sold as an industrial solvent) involves extra chemistry, involving particularly nasty chemicals such as caustic alkali , some of which can remain in the finished product if the reactions are not done properly.

    In some jurisdictions the sale of GBL is also restricted, its pointless trying to buy it in this case, at the best it will just be confiscated (the supplier will still have your money), at worst your door will be stoved in and you will be dealing with national crime squad or your country’s equivalents perhaps pointing pistols at you.

    Buying precursor chemicals is often treated as harshly as dealing as it could be taken in court to mean you have a mens rea (intention to commit a crime) to produce a substantial amount of the controlled substance as an end product, way more than you could justify for personal use. In simple terms this means a bigger chance of prison time.

    The internet is not “invisible” – since 9/11 its become one of the most monitored comms networks in the world. I’ve read a lot of reports recently of people in my country (UK) being arrested due to things they have thought they could get away with buying “because its on the internet and cannot be traced”.

    Most European chemical supply sources are becoming wary of selling GBL – can’t blame them really. TBH its nasty stuff made in nasty ways and often used for nasty purposes.

    And if you are still determined, make fucking sure you colour it so it cannot be administered in a drink without someones knowledge.

    Sorry if this sounds rather harsh (particularly to those who lost money) but a few years ago when it was more common one of my little sisters friends had her drink spiked with GBH or a similar substance in a local bar.

    Luckily my sister and her friends are quite streetwise (and one of them is a doctor in the local ER!) so nothing too bad happened to the girl; OTOH a trip to the emergency department tends to spoil a night out somewhat.

    Spend your money on something more appropriate for the party scene !

    I used to buy GBL in Florida from a chemical Co., in a 1 gallon jar for $100-.

    Then you diluted it 3 to 1 with distilled water and did your little charcoal trick, and wha la you had 4 gallons of GHB. INKBE sent me a little bottle of ‘pink soap’. You know, the kind with bubbles and suds. I smelt it, then tasted it, and then used it to scrub the stains off my carpet. On the bottle, which by the way I had to beg to get after 3 months of emails and faxes because they told me they had no record of my purchace, it said it was typewritter cleaner.

    And for any use you need to remove ink from any surface. INKBE is a COMPLETE and utter RIP.

    It’s like buying fake drugs from a drug dealer. Who ya gonna call? the cops? And they know it, and have use GHB as the lure to steal your money. PERIOD! My original post was a warning! HEED IT!

    Now that we have that covered, Does anyone know where I can get some Quaaludes? (Methaqualone)

    Where can i get it ?

    they sell it in prison

    That’s just the precursor chemical called GBL, to get GHB it has to be synthed using additives but it’s certainly not for the faint hearted. In my opinion this is a substance not to be messed with as it can and will kill you…

    Party on!

    Jessica Alba;225441 wrote:
    Where can i get it ?

    In my pants.






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