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  • I dont want any precise info, Are there many legit RC vendors around? I’v seen maybe 5 on the net but was wondering more about the mass chemical producers who sell to businesses?

    Are any RCs even worth trying? I have crystal habit of maybe $100 a day…

    reach me via kirianmax1 at gmail . com
    we can supply you with good quality weed indica and sativa and hash, Cocaine, research chem, Bath salt and most opiates (oxies,OC,apvp,hydro,oxy powder etc) etc…get back to me through E-meilat: kirianmax1 at gmail dot com
    Here is the new Menu:

    Seeds of different strains
    Local Weed
    Pure Raspberry Kush
    Superkush og
    Superlemon Haze
    Morroccon Hashish
    Iranian Hash
    Speacial K

    and many more, even pills like, Oxycontin, oxycodone, xanax, Dilaudid, hydro, ativan, Valium APVP crystals

    I have many happy and a few sad people in my Network, so it’s not always easy to find good weed. I’m helping

    people with what i can find. And of course like you i always want high quality weed. But now i have diffrent

    type with high quality.

    Your Star is Back

    kirianmax1 at gmail . com

    Wow thats just evil man
    Here in holland u can just find anything easily.

    Cant imagine the struggle.
    Thats f’ed up!

    Rc’s are available everywhere. Use GOOGLE!

    where can i get ghb??? its been a long time, cant get the kits anywhere, can you help






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Viewing 5 replies - 106 through 110 (of 110 total)
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Forums Drugs GHB & GBL Buying GHB and GBL