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    Chicks on speed are okay, but I wouldn’t trust chicks on heroin.

    nor cats on ketamin
    nor dogs on DMT
    nor lizzards on LSD.

    call me old fashioned if you will

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    have you ever seen someone try to inject into an absess on their groin?

    therein lies your answer/future

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    I have a friend who is an addict and he’s once lovely life is in ruins!! he has lost he’s job and had to re mortgage his house 3 times and its now borded up!! No to mention he’s ongoing health problems sound like fun!! please dont try this substace!! and get ur chicken sum help! do pills,speed,weed,acid etc but heroin im afraid thats in a leage of its own! plur 😉

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    take your partner to any Thames Valley village, town or city and take a look at the people begging for spare change or roaming about the town centre (until the CCTV sees them and cops/street-wardens move them on)

    and you will see what smack does to people – it fucks them up and increases the hate against other drug users and the party scene

    I know that serious class A s are more common these days but this is another reason why cops have zero tolerance initiatives against parties; they see the free party/squatter lifestyle as a gateway into dependent rather than recreational drug use.

    try not to add any more people to the list of washed out zombies

    Auch wenn du am Abgrund stehst, und gar nichts mehr verstehst,
    wachen Engel über dich, halten dich im Licht und lassen dich nie fallen.
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    i am just about to come down to the lowest dose of methadone after 3 or 4 years as an addict. i really must agree, it has fucked up my life, changed my relationships, and turned me from a happy outgoing person into a depressed hermit. coming of it is a nightmare physically too. and i wouln’t advise even trying it once if your girlfriend has a habit because YOU WILL end up with one too.
    el mono.

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    I have spent the last 14 years watching friends of mine fight a losing battle agains’t this drug. It has changed their lives for the worse in every way imaginable. I have buried too many of my friends to this substance.

    Please don’t be another statistic.

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    No. Negative. Don’t.

    Unless you are a pharmacist and have access to an unlimited supply of pharma-grade heroin, you’re pissing into the wind by even thinking about it.

    That’s because heroin ain’t heroin when it’s off the street. It’s part shit, part H. There is no exaggeration there. Pity it’s said so often that one hardly considers it, but it’s true. Even if it’s 99% pure, what in the BLUE F*** is in the other 1% ?…….. 1% is a huge amount in I.V. terms.

    To have a dependency on something you cannot get is asking for an early death.

    Heroin doesn’t kill you, but people injecting unknown substances will rot from the inside out. Don’t inject it. Don’t smoke it.

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    yea mate i think most peeps here see it as a no brainer.

    I dated a closet junkie and he was a cunt. not going there again. Ever.

    I wouldnt trust a junkie, wouldnt even date one, get yer missus cleaned up mate, or get the fuck out.

    I found needles in public toilets near parks in my home town. ive found peeps lying on the floor nearby looking very fucking ill. Then again i have issues with coke if its more than just a christmas and birthday thing cos it turned one of our mates into an utter fucking bastard.

    im not much of a anti drugs campaigner.. beleive me..
    i just think heroin should be left alone and that coke should be done in moderation if u choose to do it.

    im gonna check this thread later see if anyone says “yea its a fucking great idea!” But i doubt it very much indeed.

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    Here’s a story my dad told me which has kept me off that shit all my life (admittedly I did try it once when I was 17, but not knowingly i.e. the person who gave it me didn’t tell me what it was):

    In the early 70’s my dad was a heroin addict living in a high rise block of flats in London. In 1972 he watched his two best friends die on the floor in a filthy public toilet in a pool of piss, shit and fuck knows what else. They had injected what they believed to be smack from a good source. Unfortunately it had been cut with quick drying cement, which solidified in their veins on injection of the shit.

    Seeing this was what made my dad decide he needed to get off the stuff. However, it still took him over a year to get clean, and in the end he had to leave London and move to the other end of the country to Huddersfield (then a seriously quiet town with little or no drug problem) to escape his addiction and ensure he stayed clean through the lack of availability of drugs in Huddersfield in those days.

    DO NOT DO THIS SHIT! Do not even try it. It is too nice a feeling to give up once you do. The only thing that kept me off it was the fact that at the time i believed I had taken crack, and spent the next couple of months buying crack and coke and not understanding why i couldn’t get the same buzz. I was lucky. You wouldn’t be as the your relationship will inevitably mean you will fuel each others habits.

    I repeat – DO NOT DO IT!

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    I’m a recovering heroin addict, I was on the brown for roughly five years and I’ve lost so much due to my addiction. I started using just before I got pregnant but that was only recreational, a year later after my daughter was born, my partner then, left me taking my daughter with him although he was a big user also, that’s how I got in to it in the first place. Any how, this left me totally f***ed up considering I was also suffering from post-natal depression, I ending up tooting the stuff properly, before I knew it I was an addict. It used to make me constantly sick which wasn’t pleasant at all, so I started injecting. In fact the main reason for injecting was down to the dealers I had lodging with me, they weren’t sorting me what they were supposed to, leaving me with measley washes on the spoon.
    I got off it in november 2003 and now on subutex, which contains a blocker. This is the longest I’ve been clean and doing really well for myself, keeping out of trouble with the law. I would certainly advise anybody not to touch it, it isn’t worth going to jail for, losing close friends and family and your self respect and dignity.

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    Stick at it Claire, it sounds like you’re doing really well.

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    Thanks Darlin’ (Gabba-Bitch), it’s nice to know that people who are complete strangers to me do actually care

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    well kicking smack and the effort thereof needs to be encouraged and congratulated.

    keep going luv.

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    I only know 5 people who have been involved in heroin: 1 is dead, one lost his brother to heroin but still cant stop himself, one went to jail and has no friends coz he stole from all his junkie pals and no-one else wanted to know him.

    Another was Sir Clive Froggat, former adviser to the Margaret Thatcher cabinet on health affairs who also ended up in jail, losing his job (as a GP), his wife, house – everything. Last time I saw him he was on Kilroy warning others.

    The last person was locked in a room for a month by his real friends. He thanks god they did and has stayed clean (or at least only on other drugs) ever since. At one point he was trafficking between Malaysia and Thailand to feed his habit ie risking the death penalty if caught !

    Heroin should only be used when you genuinely want to commit suicide.

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    Well gildas I don’t have to explain myself to you and I won’t, you can’t call me a naughty girl when you don’t know nothing about me or my situation






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