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Lysergic Acid Diethylamide also known as ACID

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  • I got sent the link last week, it’s a fucking funny clip. I love the narrator’s comments about the efficiency of the rocket launcher team and the huge grins on the soldiers faces while they take aim.

    This movie should serve as a sign to Saddam in my opinion. I think it’s his duty to do the world a big favour and use super strong LSD against his enemies. Mellowing Israel and the US a little could be his christmas present to all of us… woohoo!

    Hmmm..what your actually watching is the culmination of about 20 years research into the effects of drugs on military personnel.

    This sort of research goes back ay least to WW2, when 34 Nazi scientists signed up to become PAPERCLIP people – they were secretly shipped to the States, given new identities and put back to work on pretty much what they were doing anyway-research into narcohypnosis. They conducted(usually lethal) experiments using a range of chemicals including mescaline, barbiturates and morphine derivatives on camp inmates.

    Actually, because of this the US Navy was charged with obtaining industrial and scientific secrets of the Third Reich in 1947.

    From then until now most western goverments have conducted experiments even more gruesome on their own nationals, with the good old U S of A coming top of the list for inhumane behaviour
    here’s a few american ones:

    Project ARTICHOKE: LSD testing on “communist bloc individuals”.

    Project BLUEBI RD: commenced 1941 – to develop “unconventional warfare techniques” including behavioural drugs.With domestic testing!

    Project CHATTER-US Navy project(commenced 1947) to eliminate free will through drugs-tested on foriegn nationals.

    Projects MKSEARCH and MKULTRA were linked to controlling subjects by use of drugs, radiation, electro shock, psychology, harassment and paramilitary devices-clandestine experiments were carried out on unwitting subjects.

    Project PANDORA-held to be a programme set up to moniter Soviet microwave bombardment of the US Embassy in Moscow during the 60’s and 70’s,in reality they allowed the bombardment to see the effects of prolonged microwaves in humans.

    Project OFTEN-still ongoing,still classified-concerned with the toxilogical effects of drugs on animals and humans.

    Some may have already noticed that the projects outlined above are not at all suited to warfare, but ARE suited to control domestic violence, riots, crowds etc. Much of this research has turned out so called ‘Less Than Lethal Weapons’ (LTL). LTL weapons can make you feel sick, or shit yourself, or more chillingly the technology and will exist to deploy LTL’s that control your mind.

    Sorry rant over.

    Watch the clip again,but this time consider that the soldiers might well have had no idea that they had been given LSD, or that the experiment could have been repeated for days, plus what kind of dosage?

    I’ve seen a similar bit of footage of a soldier chained to a bed and injected with 10 000mg’s of acid every day for a week – they took a catscan image of his brain at the time and another 30 years later – the two are much the same and the poor guy has acid flashbacks that last for days.

    Makes me wonder who is worse, US or the Nazi’s?

    The US also kept about 20-30 african-american men in a camp for over 15 yrs… These men had syphilis, which can be knocked out with a single dose of drugs but instead, the disease was allowed to go untreated and all of the men died from heart, liver, or other organ problems. Most of them also went mad as well, for syphilis also causes insanity in its most advanced stage…

    The US govt just admitted to spraying US citizens with biological agents for testing dispersion techniques. I am scared & ashamed to live in this country!

    With a history like the Empire,i don’t think Britain is so Great either!

    LSD turns 60
    Published by Swiss Info – Monday 21 April, 2003

    Copyright: Swiss Info

    Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), the hallucinogenic drug that defined the Sixties, is celebrating its 60th birthday.

    Discovered by the Swiss scientist Albert Hofmann, the drug not only fuelled the hippie age but was also a well-respected treatment for a variety of psychiatric disorders.
    For many years it was used to treat alcoholism, obsessive-compulsive disorders and used on patients who had difficulty expressing their emotions.

    But it seems that LSD has passed its sell-by date, as the drug is no longer desirable (or legal) for treating such disorders.

    Even in the recreational drug scene, LSD is to a large extent a thing of the past with newer drugs such as ecstasy more in vogue with today’s youth than with the baby boomers of days past.

    Out of vogue

    Hofmann discovered the drug while he was working for the Basel-based pharmaceutical company, Sandoz (which later merged with Ciba-Geigy to become Novartis).

    From 1947 to 1966, Sandoz produced and sold LSD tablets and the drug became popular, especially in the United States.

    In fact, the 1960s might not have been quite as free loving had the patent for LSD not run out in 1963, which meant the formula for the drug was no longer a secret.

    For some, the hallucinogenic effects of LSD were a ticket to the spiritual world, for others it opened doors to their creativity that they never dreamed possible.

    In the 1960s and 70s Hofmann received dedications from some of the century’s leading artists, among them “pop” artist Andy Warhol and the author Aldous Huxley, who said their work was influenced by LSD.

    Accidental discovery

    During the Second World War, Hofmann was researching circulatory stimulants when he remembered a chemical that had been cast away as ineffective five years earlier.

    It was a derivate of a substance found in ergot, a fungus that grows on rye and other cereals. By 1943, Sandoz had developed improved testing methods, so Hofmann decided to take another look at the chemical.

    “By chance, I got a whiff, and immediately felt exhilarated,” he recalled in an interview with swissinfo in 2001 when he turned 95.

    His curiosity aroused, Hofmann decided to use himself as a guinea pig. On a spring day he took 0.25 milligrams of LSD – three times the amount needed for a fully-fledged high. “It was a horror trip,” he remembers.

    He continued to experiment with the drug and found that the trips brought him visions as well as feelings of happiness.

    Hofmann, who condemned the mass use of LSD, said he remains convinced of the drug’s therapeutic properties for the mind.

    He is critical of a total ban on LSD. “For psychological purposes and for further research, LSD should be legalised,” he says.

    The 97-year-old Hofmann is scheduled to attend a book fair in Basel in early May where he plans to read passages from some of the books that he has written on LSD.

    Hey, how do we get this stuff into a soluble form???

    LSD dissolves very well in just about any liquid, including water and alcohol, hence the famous stories of electric kool-aid and so forth.

    LSD can definitely be stored in solution. For longer term storage, liquid LSD is generally made by dissolving LSD in alcohol. While it will dissolve just fine in water, it will also degrade relatively quickly unless the water is ultra-pure. There are two reasons for this…LSD degrades in the presence of oxygen, and generally speaking, most water is going to contain enough oxygen to cause noticeable degredation. Second, LSD is destroyed on contact with chlorine. Almost all tap water, and even some bottled water will contain some chlorine. Distilled water is the least likely to contain chlorine, but alcohol (of the highest proof available) will cause the least amount of degredation.

    A friend of mine brought back from France a 70cl bottle which said nothing other than “ALCOOL – 96o – BON GOUT”. Apparently it cost only €2.10. This might be good stuff to dissolve the LSD in 🙂

    Auch wenn du am Abgrund stehst, und gar nichts mehr verstehst,
    wachen Engel über dich, halten dich im Licht und lassen dich nie fallen.

    So would i be able to obtain the solution thats soaked into the paper?? How hard would it be to get if so?? Cheers for you help boys!!

    I want to try LSD for pure spiritual purpose.

    I’m not into taking any kind of liquid or solid or gas or fire, but I have tried some of them. And i’m also aware what LSD can cause.

    Now the question is how to get it in London?

    I don’t do parties, and don’t have such friends around me.

    Any help.


    i’m not trying to be sarcastic or take the piss

    i don’t think people sell acid via internet discussion forums… plenty of legal highs available (check some of the threads in the drigs section)

    i couldalways fax you a sheet of trips if you were interested in buying in bulk :groucho:

    yeh! i’m aware of the legal highs. Not planning to buy in bulk at the moment just want to get a feel of it first. But still no hope for the light in the city of glittering lights. Also aware that no one gonna sell on net. I’m still on the hunt without any success. Once London situation get stablized then gonna walk a little bit see if can get some success.


    personally if i were looking for acid i’d go to some psytrance nights or mooch around camden. but then im basically a tourist. my experiences of picking up in london if i don’t get the contact direct from a friend are fucking shocking. i would say finding someone who is friendly and knows the locals is probably the better way in than to directly approach dealers. find some safe trip head and get them to pick up for you, at least the first time. thats what i would do at any rate. you must have some drug bin friends, get them to ask their contacts. wandering around london trying to score trips is a risky fucking pass time.

    Just join an Art College. . .
    Just a Joke, but it may work.

    PaulM wrote:
    Just join an Art College. . .
    Just a Joke, but it may work.
    Top idea.

    That’s pretty much how I started with it!






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