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  • @ladywolf 146699 wrote:

    i hate people like you. Who can boast to other addict bacause you are clean now, knowing you are on top and addicts like me are at the bottom. I do not need your respect. I dont respect people like you.

    And i do not whine. Especially not to you. And you are also wasting my time because you DID NOT even answer any of my questions. Instead saying things that has nothing to do with my questions.

    I asked them because i need answers, not stepped at by people like you who look down on drug addicts and called people like us smackhead.

    You asshole. We, smackheads, also struggle! As if you did not know!
    You knew how hard our struggle is and still look down upon us that is why u deserve to be called an asshole! ASSHOLE!

    Whyever i posted those questions if i am not struggling ??!! I need to spend some time and turn on my computer and log in to windows and connect to the internet and type and log in and go into forum side, expecting to get some answers! Instead of stupid boast from people like you!

    And you dont have to reply ever to this thread again. You are useless!

    And you AHC, shut up. Answer the questions or shut up. Talk elsewhere. Not in my thread.

    Reply is only for people who knows the answer to my questions above. Thank you.

    Hey don’t worry about that person. There are two kinds of people that do drugs- hard users who can quit any time or with very little effort and there are those who are true addicts. I was terrified of the withdrawal because I am a true addict. As for your subutex question…everyone metabolizes drugs different. It typically takes women a little longer to get it out of the system that men because they have more fatty tissue. I WOULD not take it any sooner than 12 hours since you last used herion or any other opiate. Start with a small amount. It will either throw you into instant withdrawals or make u feel better. Then you can see whether you need to wait another 12 hours or up the dose

    Anybody have information where to get subutex…

    @deep 5224 wrote:

    Does anyone know where can I buy Subutex online?

    Subutex is the best way to detox off opiates IMO, you can get it prescribed normally if you go through the right routes.

    can u pm please regarding suboxone kind regards eeezyuk cambridge uk

    I come off opiates April this year being on them for 13-14 years. 7 years bang at crack n brown, 3 years dibblin n dabbling while scripted then 3 years of methadone, 60ml down to 5 ml, then went to subetex after hospital cus was sick as fuk and had to b put on a drip, 2 occasions this happened. Then from 8mg -1mg then burenphone whatever 1mg down to 0.2mg, then 2 wks of 5-20mg of diazepam and alcohol and weed (I’ve always smoked weed really)and I became clean. Never touch opiates now. Can enjoy alcohol now could never be4….bit of a ramble I know….peace

    Its best this info stays private.

    There are many places to get it online.One just has too look for it,weed out the scammers,or holler at me @shadowmang on telegram

    Its available in mass qtys.One just has to know where to look.

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Viewing 10 posts - 406 through 415 (of 415 total)
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