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  • Anybody have information where to get subutex…

    @deep 5224 wrote:

    Does anyone know where can I buy Subutex online?

    Subutex is the best way to detox off opiates IMO, you can get it prescribed normally if you go through the right routes.

    can u pm please regarding suboxone kind regards eeezyuk cambridge uk

    I come off opiates April this year being on them for 13-14 years. 7 years bang at crack n brown, 3 years dibblin n dabbling while scripted then 3 years of methadone, 60ml down to 5 ml, then went to subetex after hospital cus was sick as fuk and had to b put on a drip, 2 occasions this happened. Then from 8mg -1mg then burenphone whatever 1mg down to 0.2mg, then 2 wks of 5-20mg of diazepam and alcohol and weed (I’ve always smoked weed really)and I became clean. Never touch opiates now. Can enjoy alcohol now could never be4….bit of a ramble I know….peace

    Its best this info stays private.

    There are many places to get it online.One just has too look for it,weed out the scammers,or holler at me @shadowmang on telegram

    Its available in mass qtys.One just has to know where to look.

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Viewing 9 replies - 406 through 414 (of 414 total)
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