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Unknown Hayling Island, Hampshire - 24th May
Sabbitcal Hampshire - 18th July
Tribe of Isis Oxfordshire - 25th July
Wobbleberry Hampshire - 8th August
System Co-exsistance Oxfordshire - 22nd August
BDi, Odyssey Oxfordshire - 29th August
BDi, Ooops Oxfordshire - 19th September
Insanity London - 24th October
Exodus Bedfordshire - 31st December
United Systems London - 31st December
System Co-exsistance Berkshire - 31st December

AA System Rotterdam - 6th March
Mutant Dance Stonehenge - 20th March
Exodus Bedfordshire - 3rd April
United Systems London - 3rd April
Wobbleberry Berkshire - 4th April
United Systems London - 17th April
BDi, Mutant Pollutant Oxfordshire - 17th April
Mushroom Hampshire - 24th April
United Systems London - 8th May
POD, Ooops Oxfordshire - 8th May
Livid, Agro, Junction 10 Berkshire - 15th May
Junktion 14 Bedfordshire - 15th May
Kreos Buckinghamshire - 22th May
Wobbleberry West Sussex - 28th May
The Pig Farm Norfolk - 29th May
The Pig Farm Norfolk - 29th May
Kreos Buckinghamshire - 5th June
Junktion 14 Bedfordshire - 12th June
Darkstar Wiltshire - 19th June
Unknown Sussex - 19th June
Glastonbury Festival Somerset - 23-28th June
Junktion 14 Bedfordshire - 3rd July
Aura Orange Midlands - 10th July
Pineapple Tribe/Sabbitcal Surrey - 10th July
Unknown West Sussex - 17th July - pix!
Desta*nation Oxfordshire - 17th July
Bedlam Hampshire - 24th July - pix!
United Systems? Kent - 24th July - pix!
Section 63, Survival, Revelation Buckinghamshire - 7th August
Exodus Bedfordshire - 14th August
Future Landscapes Sussex - 14th August
Unknown Buckinghamshire - 21st August
BDi/Livid, Mutant Pollutant Oxfordshire - 21st August - pix!
Unknown W.Sussex - 28th August - pix!
Exodus Festival Bedfordshire - 27-30th August
Unknown Oxfordshire - 4th September
United Systems London - 4th September
Junktion 14 Bedfordshire - 11th September - pix!
Insanity London - 25th September
Section 63 Oxfordshire - 25th September
Tribe of Twats/Tribe of Isis Oxfordshire - 25th September
Unknown Bedfordshire - 9th October
Junkchun 10, Ooops! Berkshire - 9th October
United Systems London - 23rd October
Junktion 14 (Acid Trance rig) Buckinghamshire - 30th October
Junktion 14 (Techno rig) Oxfordshire - 6th November - pix!
United Systems London - 27th November
Survival Buckinghamshire - 11th December
Junkchun 10, Enginearin' Berkshire - 19th December
United Systems London - 19th December
POD/System Co-Existence Hampshire - 31st December
Junktion 14/Free-State High Wycombe/Reading - 31st December
CrossBones, Stinky Pink London - 31st December

Aardvark, Ninja Tunes, Ooops London - 15th January
Survival Buckinghamshire - 15th January
Junk-Chun 10, Enginearin' Berkshire - 22nd January
X Bones, Iffy, Pendulum London - 29th January
Headfuk, IRS London - 5th February
Survival Buckinghamshire - 19th February
Headfuk, IRS, FRS London - 26th February
Underground Sounds, Mainline, Skallywag London - 4th March
IRS, Social Distortion London - 11th March
POD Oxfordshire - 11th March
I.R.S, Iffy, Stinky Pink London - 25th March
Tribe of Isis/Datsound Oxfordshire - 1st April
Mutant Dance Weston-Super-Mare - 1st April
I.R.S, Headfuk, Stinky Pink, Red Eye London - 8th April
Golden Triangle Norfolk - 14th April
Survival, Wailing Sounds Buckinghamshire - 15th April
Headfuk, Twisted, IRS, Underground Sounds, Siren, Mayhem London - 22th April
Headfuk Hackney, London - 28th April
DatSound, Tribe of Isis Oxfordshire - 29th April
Desta*nation, Tribe of Isis, Substance, DatSound Oxfordshire - 30th April
Tribe of Isis Oxfordshire - 6th May
Kaos - POD, GM Soundz, J14 Techno, SilverHaze, Adrenalin Oxfordshire - 6th May
DatSound, Tribe of Isis Oxfordshire - 20th May
System Co-Existence Berkshire - 20th May
Infusion, Baraka Oxfordshire - 27th May
Mayhem, Stinky Pink, Panik London - 27th May
Storm Oxfordshire - 28th May
Tribe of Isis Oxfordshire - 3rd June
Kaos - Survival, Headfuk, Darkstar, Brave Nu Krew, Korrupt Oxfordshire - 3rd June
Spoon, Pendulum London - 17th June
Banana Moon Hampshire - 17th June
Dat'Sound, Tribe of Isis Oxfordshire - 17th June
Glastonbury Festival Somerset - 21st-26th June
Kaos - Adrenalin, Koruppd, 'Dat Sound, J14, Panik/HP21 Oxfordshire - 8th July
Headfuk/Mayhem - Undergnd Sounds/AKA London - 22nd July
POD, Panik Oxfordshire - 22nd July
Exodus, Junktion 14 Bedfordshire - 29th July
Ground Zero, Future Landscapes, Warped, Party Possible Sussex - 5th August
Kaos - Adrenalin, Storm, Dest*nation, Kaos, J14, Datsound Oxfordshire - 12th August
Dutch Teknival Groningen, Holland - 19th August
System Co-Existence Oxfordshire - 26th August
No K-Limits Teknival London - 1st-3rd September
System Co-Existence Oxfordshire - 9th September
Junktion 14/Survival Devon - 9th September
Hypercine Minas Gerais, Brazil - 16th September
System Co-Existence Oxfordshire - 16th September
GM Soundz Surrey - 7th October
Trancendance Central Coast, NSW, Australia - 11th November
Unknown Nullum State Forest, Byron Bay, Australia - 21st December
Livid, Dest*nation Oxfordshire - 31st December


StinkyPink, Panik, CrossBones London - 13th January
System Co-existence, Section 6 Berkshire - 3rd March
Omsnotbombs, System Corrupt Botany Bay, Sydney, Australia - 10th March
LBS, THC Surrey - 2nd June
LBS, THC Surrey - 30th June
Thailand - October
Psychosis, F.O.C W. Sussex - 27th October
Underground Sounds, Random W. London - 17th November
Atomic, Dragonfly, Flying Rhino E. London - 31st December


System Co-Existence Oxfordshire - 2nd March
Alien Resonance North Wales - 30th March
Psychosis, Native Beats Surrey - 6th April
Psychosis Surrey - 13th April [new]

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